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The new DG Tag system

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The new DG Tag system
« on: December 06, 2017, 08:08:18 PM »
Hello friends,

Previously I've been thinking of an efficient tag system for our community that would not only prevent non-tag holders from stealing our tag but also protect the tag of the current holders of it.

Our active scripter, Lackmail, came up with a great idea and introduced a new tag system for the community. According to this system, you DO NOT need to change your SAMP USERNAME (add the DG tag into your samp username).

In fact, NOBODY can log in with the [DG] tag. You just need to login with your usual username and if you want the tag (supposing your tag application is accepted or you're an old tag holder), all you need to do is ask a level 5+ to set your tag.

Once your tag is set, you'll notice that it appears beside your name when you are chatting. Your chatting color is also changed to make you stand out from the rest. When you log off from the server and the next time you enter, you'll still use your usual username WITHOUT the [DG] tag in the SAMP client.

So, in simple words, this tag system is an in-game tag system. If you possess the tag in-game, it'll appear. If not, it won't. It has nothing to do with your username in the SAMP client.