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Are you blacklisted from our staff?

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Are you blacklisted from our staff?
« on: January 22, 2018, 02:13:57 AM »
Yes, I am blacklisted.

Shame on you. You were given so many chances and yet you chose to do what you liked. Why? Anyways.

You are blacklisted from our staff. That means, you can NEVER join the staff again. Any attempts to post a staff application will lead to a forum warning, then mute and then a ban.

So, is this the end of me?

No. I believe that every mistake can be forgiven. If God can do it, why can't we? However, this is virtual life. This is a SA-MP community. This is a community with alive people. This is a community, just like any other communities, which gives chances to players to become a part of the that special team which will represent us. The team, part of which you become with full consciousness of the duties and responsibilities that follow afterwards.

Whatever caused you to become blacklisted is something in the past now.

Let's say that the board of your past has been fully erased of all your mistakes in this community. Let's say that all of us have forgotten who you were in the past. We just care about who you are in the present now.

Are you even understanding what I'm saying? In simple words, this is NOT the end for you.

Is there any way to get out of the blacklist?

Yes, there is. You need to acknowledge, first of all, that you haven't been blacklisted after a single mistake from your side but rather multiple repeated mistakes despite of being warned. So, getting out of this list won't be easy.

What should I do to get out of this list?

Write a MINIMUM 500 words letter of apology which will explain the following points:
1) Why should we remove you from the blacklist?
2) How can we be sure that you will not repeat the same acts again which led you inside this list at the first place?
3) Why should we trust your words?
4) What have you learned from this experience?
5) What do you plan to do after getting out of the blacklist?

Here is the format:

"Dear Dreamy Gaming Staff,

"POINT 1 (e.g. Why should we remove you from the blacklist?)"
Write your content here.

"POINT 2 (e.g. How can we be sure that you will not repeat the same acts again which led you inside this list at the first place?)"
Write your content here.

And so on....

What can be the possible reasons of my letter getting rejected?

1) The letter being less than 500 words. Even if it is 499 words, keep it to yourself. I won't even look at it if it is any less than 500 words. More than 500? Great. I'd love to read it!
2) A letter whose content has been copied from an online website. I know the English level of each of you. Don't try to be a smartass and throw your only chance into a dump.
3) A letter which does not explain the required points mentioned above.

Attention blacklisted people. Once you get out of the blacklist, you are not allowed to apply for the staff position until 30 days have been passed. If you make any attempts to make an application, it'll be rejected. Multiple attempts may lead to a temporary forum ban.

Got questions? Ask below.