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♦ARES: Gods of War Clan [AS]♦ Applications opened

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♦ARES: Gods of War Clan [AS]♦ Applications opened
« on: February 10, 2018, 08:06:11 PM »

Introduction to Ares

Created on 9.2 2018, Originally on 4.7 2015.
Ares is old clan named after Greek God of War Ares.
Ares clan is quiet clan, hiding underneath the rocks waiting for provocation of foolish
and blinded players by their power.
We play solo and specify on wide area of weapons.
On join requirements
•Total playtime of 5+ hours
•Minimum of 350 score
•Must know all server rules
•Be polite
•Have some skill of course
•If you are good enough, but do not meet score requirements you may apply
Clan Rules
1.)Do not break any server rules
2.)Killing clan members is allowed, until they ask you to stop
3.)No threatening.
4.)Respect all clan members
5.)Do not team in DM's
6.)If you leave, you can not come back. If you desert AS clan you'll be hunted.
Application Form
Your In-Game name:
Class you prefer:
Were you baned before, if yes how much times ?:(Skip if you weren't banned(this server)
Reason of the ban ?:(Skip if you weren't banned)
How active you are ? (hours per day):
Any friends in the clan?:
Post a picture of your in-game stats:
Head Hunter:
We usually play as Africa/Arabia team. That depends on who is loosing,
We join / balance weaker teams.
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