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Forum Reputation/Karma - Update

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Forum Reputation/Karma - Update
« on: December 03, 2016, 03:36:14 PM »
Hey there,

Recently, I've been seeing some people mis-using the feature of Karma or Reputation on the forum which makes the users' profile to appear ugly with the negative karmas. Upon realization, I've decided that instead of the current display method of Karma:

e.g. +15 / -5

The negative karmas will instead be minused from the positive Karma. So if a person's reputation is overall positive, it will still show the positive. However if his negatives are more than positives, then only the negative reputation will be showed.

So +15 / -5 will be shown as +10.

This system will not be reverted and the only reason for it to be changed is due to the misfit looks of the negative reputation.

So as a conclusion, the negative reputation is not being removed but instead it will simply be minused from the positive reputation, if there is any, when someone thumbs down someone.